So what is Catch Time Art? Catch Time Art is a design and illustration website where I showcase my work and offer my services as an illustrator and designer. Catching Time is a metaphor I use to describe my designs and illustrations, getting those recognizable, personal, memories, emotions or thoughts visualized for the customer. Design and Illustration are one and the same thing for me, as one often naturally flows into the other. There is beauty in detail, in life and especially in time, and by capturing that in design or illustration, I find a true appreciation of the world around me.

So what can I offer?  I can offer the following products / services for you;



I offer my skills to illustrate any event or moment in life in a lively, detailed way. As an Architect, I’ve learned to pay special attention to detail, as these bring an illustration to life. The illustrations I offer can be of typical family moments at your grandparent’s house, special events like your wedding, or commercial events such as theater or music festivals etc. I capture those recognizable, cherished memories in a sketch, which at my studio I turn into a full color illustration. This illustration can then be printed into big, high quality poster, set in a neat frame or used for any other means you like.



Using the same method as in digital paintings, I can design and illustrate personal, exclusive cards for any event, using a detailed cartoon style to really capture the typical characteristics of people or memorable moments in time.



 More soon to come!