Catch Time Art

Have your special events or moments in life captured in a timeless frame

Summer Greetings


Despite the heat of the summer, I’m still putting in many hours drawing!. Here’s a sneak preview of a project I’ve been working on involving a resort of the future. I’m also working on the painting of a wedding a held a few weeks ago in a theater which I hope to finish soon! In the meanwhile, for those on the northern hemisphere, have a nice summer!

Another Update!

The site is slowly but surely expanding. I’ve added a services page to the site to give an oversight of what I offer as a designer and illustrator. At the moment, there are only 2 things on that page which I intend to expand quickly!

In the meanwhile, 2 big projects are on the way which I’m rather excited about; a large digital painting for a wedding of a close friend of mine, and a digital painting of a house & family as birthday present. I will be posting frequent updates on both these projects here once I’ve started.

A few weeks ago, I’ve made an invitation card to a birthday party. Because the birthday was a big milestone, I made a sketch of a timeline with typical moments of that person on it, from the day he was born to now. Have a look at the final version here below;


That’s it so far. Until the next post!


My First Post!

Hello all and welcome to Catch Time Art’s brand new website! The website is still under construction, in fact, only the front page has any content. I will be adding these the upcoming weeks, so be sure to visit the site regularly, or like Catch Time Art’s facebook to keep up to date!

So what is Catch Time Art? Catch Time Art is a design and illustration website.  On this website, I offer my skills to illustrate any event or moment in life in a lively, detailed way. As an Architect, I’ve learned to pay special attention to detail, as these bring an illustration to life. The illustrations I offer can be of typical family moments at your grandparent’s house, special events like your wedding, or commercial events such as theater or music festivals etc. I capture those recognizable, cherished memories in a sketch, which at my studio I turn into a full color illustration. This illustration can then be printed into big, high quality poster, set in a neat frame or used for any other means you like (cards, book covers etc)

Here’s an example of my work, a poster of an illustration I made printed on a 40x60cm high quality paper and with a aluminium frame;


I will be adding more examples soon!

I’m also available as an Architect who specializes in housing, and will be adding my work to this site as well. Design and Illustration are one and the same thing for me, as one often naturally flows into the other. There is beauty in detail, in life and especially in time, and by capturing that in design or illustration, I find a true appreciation of the world around me.